Monday, August 24, 2009

The Other Beth

I just love my friends!! Seriously, they are the most fabulous people on earth. This weekend I got lots of Beth Neese time. ;)

Beth and I met in college while preparing to go on our first trip to Scotland. We became instead friends due to our "Southerness", love for Auburn (Beth turned out to be a traitor though and pulls for the Vols now!), scrapbooking obsession, and just our plain goofiness. Beth has always had a faith in the Lord that I admire. Over time we began going our separate ways, but always made time to catch up. When moving back to the States last year, I was hired at the same school as Beth. We literally were separated by just a sidewalk, yet we did not really make much effort to spend time together. That has changed!

On Saturday, Amy, Brad and I met Beth for lunch and then we all wig shopping. (More on that later...) Beth and I spent the afternoon by going to a new children's bookstore, trying a new yogurt dessert place, getting makeovers and makeup at Bare Escentuals, and going out for sushi. It really was the perfect kind of day.

Sunday morning, Beth and Amanda met Justin and me for church at Fellowship. Finding a church home has been a real struggle since being Stateside. Beth and our friend Maggie have decided to find a new church home too. It is nice having friends to visit churches with you and then discuss with later.

Just seeing Beth brings a smile to my face. :)

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  1. What a great weekend! I'm glad you were able to spend time with Beth as well as your other friends. Friendship makes life bearable- Sounds like you're not slowing down, but happy for your opportunities! Much love from me AND Rachel.