Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brad's Birthday

On Monday, J. Bradley turned 25!

Sadly due to exams a big celebration could not take place, but much fun was to be had anyways.

For dinner, we all met up at a Gyro place in Brentwood. After grabbing food, we headed to Granny White Park for a picnic and to play on the swings. We headed back to the house for some front porch living. Grasshopper pie, candlelight, and some good tunes made for the perfect chill atmosphere. It got even better when Josh and Roan showed up! Nothing beats good friends on a good front porch...

That is, unless you get a new bicycle! Brad has been stuck in the house and library for the entire summer. I do not kid. I have never met anybody so diligent in their studies. For his birthday, we all decided a bike was prime factor in freedom for the Captain. His face was priceless. Everybody was happy.

If you happen to see a young buck riding around East Nashville on a black Giant bicycle (Black Pearl Dos!), wave because that is just a good man seeking out a little freedom. ;)

Happy Birthday Brad. Love you much.

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