Sunday, August 9, 2009

Faculty Retreat

This weekend I went on my school's faculty retreat. For 2 days, we discussed Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), went through team building exercises, and just spent time catching up.

I was excited to get to spend time with the beauties, Maggie and Beth N. Funny how even though we see each other almost everyday, we don't really get to talk. These girls really are a joy to be around!

The retreat took place at the YMCA's Camp Widji. Talk about a nice place! It is situated right on Percy Priest lake. They have ropes courses, a resort style pool, amazing dining hall and just lots of fun stuff to do. I really would have enjoyed spending more time there. The cabins were great and my bed was so nice I fell asleep before campfire and woke up just in time for breakfast. I did not hear a sound. Strong.

I am going to enjoy my final day before school at my parents' pool and relaxing. I am really excited about the school year! The retreat was a nice way to get even more geared up.

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