Friday, March 13, 2009

What A Week...

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a week.

This week at school, my kiddos lost their minds. This was not impressive, but made for some great kid comments. One of my students gave Amy a hug which is HUGE and I am pretty sure he did not feel super comfortable, but he wanted to show her that he cared for her when she was having a hard day. My principal really has gone out of her way to help me and support me in all the things going on in my life. Today, she let us know that she is retiring in May. I did shed some tears, but I am so thankful to have this woman in my corner presently. I am just in my classroom today wrapping up things before I go on real vacation. It is quiet and I feel productive.

Tuesday night, I got to spend time with French Lemons group. What beautiful girls... It was nice to catch up with some of them and have some good cheap pizza. :)

Wednesday night was Mexican food and Taize prayers. A mid week energizer and one of my highlights of each week.

Monday and Thursday nights, I spent with Amy, Josh, and Jordan. There was much laughter... MUCH.

Travel planning has come right along. I am leaving tomorrow to see the great Valenta family. I cannot wait to see my nephew. It is a good thing he is attached to my sister so I get to see her too. ;) I will fly back from Dallas on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, Amy, Justin, and I are traveling to Blacksburg, VA and will stop to see Jordan. Thursday, we will continue on to Washington DC to visit with Kathy. I CANNOT wait. It has been a couple of years since we really got to spend much time together so this will be great. Really geeked. We will get back Sunday in time for the new week. Today, some of us French Lemons ladies got tickets to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend. A super great fare provided a way for us all to head out of town and have some good girl time. I really cannot complain these days about being "stuck" in Nashville.

Running wise, I ran 5 miles on Wednesday. Tomorrow morning, I will be running 8. I do enjoy a good run, but sometimes I think, "What was I thinking!?!?"

Spiritually, I have been really working on some memorization. I have noticed that these verses have been coming to mind when I feel myself getting upset in my classroom. Hopefully, it will play out more and more in my patience levels. I have also been encouraged by reading Life Together by Bonhoeffer. Prayer life has been kind of sucky though. :( Really trying to remember each moment to be purposeful and remember what I am deeply rooted in.

That is my life these days... What is going on in yours?


  1. Oh, wow, way to be sticking with your running! What plan are you following? I have been using Hal Higdon's again, but still have a couple of weeks before I hit 8 miles.

    Have a great time traveling all next week! See you at community group in a couple of weeks! :)

  2. Let me know when you all make it to DC and if you need anyhting, I know we don't know eachother well, but i feel like i know you and Amy both because of Brad's stories and because I prayed for you all while you were in China. thinking of you this week. also- a great book, that I recently read in conjucntion with life together is "gilead" by marilynn robinson. I loved it and read it in one setting. you should check it out.