Saturday, March 7, 2009


I miss China.

Transitioning is strange.

The first few months in America were miserable. I talked about going back. I thought I made a huge mistake. I wanted to go back to that familiar little piece of the world that I had made home. Then, I got a job doing something I love, found a church that challenges and inspires me, spent more time with a group of people more like-minded about life,and found a routine which was comfortable. My "need" for China slowly started disappearing.

My life is full of happy things. I am super blessed and do not lack. However, lately I find myself dreaming more about Yichang and the people. I wish I could spend evenings with Peach in the kitchen, walk with Felix around town, eat on Snack Street with the Monday night boys, listen to crazy Daniel play the guitar, cook for a Tuesday night crowd, and be with a very small, but amazing group of Family on the weekends. We are so blessed to have the communication technology we have, but it isn't the same. We can't even talk about everything. To hear Amy and Brad talk about their last semester... I just miss it. It is a different kind of missing than my first few months. Can't really explain it even.

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in Nashville, Tennessee, but I am wishing that I was at the market outside of my apartment in Yichang.

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