Friday, March 27, 2009

Red River Flooding

Below is an email from some friends in Wyoming. Please keep them in your prayers along with the hundreds of others in the Red River area.

Hi Laurie:

Almost 4:00 AM here - I just ran back from working an emergency shift at our south hospital...both north and south hospitals are being completely evacuated - I came home to check on Jeannette, because I just heard that a dike is weakening in south Fargo, near Lindenwood Park - not good. Jeannette is sleeping soundly, and it could be her last good night of rest for awhile if this situation worsens, as it is expected to...They keep raising the top crest prediction, and each time it means trying to build the sandbag and clay dikes higher - not enough time to do much more, and once the crest happens, they are saying it could stay at the highest lever (now predicted to be 43 feet) for a week - how can the dikes hold back water that long?

We will probably lose our home, broke our hearts today to tear the place apart to try to save what we can. I was the only one on our block to take out flood insurance, but took it out on March 8th, and it doesn't go into effect until April 8th - when I took it out, they were predicting a crest in mid-April, and only at 39 feet.

Pardon my late night rambling - nerves are shot, I guess....Keep praying for all of us here in Fargo, Laurie...

Love you, Wayne
picture from Fargo

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