Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Roadtrip Weekend

Saturday morning, my little sister Caitlin and I headed north to Cincinnati. It was so wonderful to get to finally spend some quality time with one of my sisters. I really have not had that in a couple of years. I did learn that we really don't have the same taste in music, except for our dear love for the Plain White T's. She also introduced me to a new song "Love like Johnny and June"... kudos for that.
In the afternoon, we walked around the city. We gobbled up some Greaters ice cream. (Twice in one year... I am a lucky girl!) We people-watched in the square, bought some postcards and just soaked up the day. We found a great hotel within walking distance to the river, stadium, etc. for a great price thanks to Travelocity!
Saturday evening, I got to meet up with some of my pen pals from my time in China. For almost 2 years, Brad's great aunts kept up with me through email. I always looked forward to their emails and was excited about getting to meet them in person. We ate dinner with Mrs. Ruth, Mrs. Mina and Mr. Woody. Brad's grandfather showed up later on in the evening. We sat around playing cards and talking until it was definitely time to sleep. Caitlin fell in love with them too!
On Sunday morning, we got to spend time with Family. Class was based on a book called "11". (Once classes are over I hope to read this book! It sounded really great.) After Family time, we went with the Ellis/Turner family to Skyline. It was pretty easy to see where Brad's greatness comes from. After lunch, it was time for the real reason why we went to Cincinnati.... Titans versus the Bengals!
Paul Brown Stadium is exceptionally nice! I wish I could say that for the fans. There was a fight that broke out in our section. (Bengals fans againest each other!) The stadium's niceness was also overshadowed by the debris floating around due to strong winds. During the halftime show, the tuba players were struggling to stand because of the gusts. It was really beginning to look like a landfill. Early in the fourth quarter,we could not take getting hit with beer bottles anymore (this was because of the wind, not because Caitlin was wearing Titans colors...) so we left. After making a pit stop into Greaters again, we were homeward bound.
It really was a great weekend. I am so thankful I was able to spend some good time with the Ellis/Turner clan (maybe the Pratts should be next on my list!),but it was especially great to share everything with Caitlin. I cannot make up for all the things I have missed the past couple of years, but I can enjoy every second I have now and live it to the fullest. Adjustment is getting a little easier with time. Part of it also comes from all the good people in my life.
Thanks Caitlin for being my roadtrip buddy! This will always be a special memory for me.

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  1. This might be a little selfish, but I think that Searcy, AR should be the next stop... I mean, you may think to yourself, "What does Searcy have to offer?" I'll give you that answer... it is a cousin who would love to see you and Frozen D's - you can't get the better milkshake than theirs!