Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grad School Blues

Grad school... Kill me now.
This was a $12 assignment that nearly caused me to quit school altogether. It was a simple poster created using Powerpoint and then Excel. Normally easy, but when you are tired nothing can be more frustrating...
Except that you still have a paper due (the dreaded Saturday paper than has been blogged about twice already and not because it was a good thing!) and then a 30 slide presentation on an issue you have not researched yet.
It will get done. It always gets done.
Needless to say, the stress is showing on my face. Some things Noxema cannot cure.
Next Saturday I am going to do ABSOLUTELY nothing. I am taking a personal retreat day. I will not be doing work, homework, cooking, cleaning, getting up early, or hanging out with anybody. (I am begging you not to ask me because I have a hard time saying no. But I will this time!)
Back to the books...

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