Thursday, September 4, 2008

Phrase of the Day

Tusen takk...

It is Norwegian for "thousand of thanks" according to my Chinese friend Kristy. Kristy is living in Norway and has to figure out how to make a sandwich, pick out meats and cheeses, and order food from a menu. There is only so much one can do from thousands of miles away to help. She is living out an adventure I am sure.

Talking to friends all around the world, I am reminded of just how good and faithful our Father is. He is taking good care of his children. He has taken good care of me by providing such wonderful friends in my life.

Tusen takk to our Abba.

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  1. hey beth
    i lived in norway for 5 months - the language is not as bad as it seems - i still can remember p- like en krone is med choklolade (sp?) - which back in 1970 was how you asked for a choclate ice cream! where in norway is your friend? i spent most of my time in oslo, but also spent a bit of time down near frederickstaad. the people of norway are super and the best part is english is their second language - you just have to get them past their shyness
    mrs. lemons