Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jakson's Arrival

Jakson Robert Valenta
9 lbs. 7oz.
It was one of the happiest days ever! Emily and Sean welcomed Jakson into the world. It is hard being still so far from them, but soon... I am just so overjoyed. My little sister is going to make such a wonderful mother.
I started several project for my precious nephew (only the wall art was successful!), but I thought I would also start a little scrapbook of things I want him to know/remember. So here is my first entry in Jakson's book.
Today is one of the happiest days of my life... the day you came into the world. While we have not officially met, there is so much I can already tell about you.
You are a loved child. I wish you could have heard the excitement in your grandfather's voice when he called to tell me about your arrival. Your dad sounded like the proudest man to ever walk the earth. Your mother sounded groggy and tired, but I could tell her heart was about to explode with joy. Your aunt Beth cried because that is what she does. Everyone though loved you more than they could ever imagine. We always will.
You are going to be punctual. You broke your mother's water while she was getting ready to go to the hospital to be induced. Good timing! Maybe you can teach her to be on time...
You are going to minister to others. You already have. Just by seeing your beautiful picture, Jakson, I am reminded of how awesome God is. You are perfect. Your strawberry blond hair, blue eyes and the tiniest fingers... all created for a purpose. Loved. Combination of two of the dearest people on earth, but also utterly unique. If I feel like this and I had no part in your creation, I can only imagine what God feels for each of his people. That is awesome. Thanks for the lesson,Teach.
There is so much I want to share with you, teach you, tell you, and show you. I am sure I will have chances when I can steal you away from your mom. But today, if I could tell you anything, it would be this... Love the Lord and love your parents. The Lord will always take care of you, Jakson. He already has and is. Your parents are so happy and they love you so much. Some days will be easier than others to love them (trust me I know... I lived with Emily over half my life!), but even those days when they are upset, they will love you without condition. Looking back, this will be the greatest day of their lives. You will probably understand only when you make them grandparents.
Welcome to the world, Jakson Robert!
I love you.
-Aunt Beth
ps- Get your mom to teach you how to spell your name right away because it comes up incorrect on spellchecker... don't worry if your teachers get upset because they think you are spelling your name wrong. Trust your mom on this one!

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  1. What a beautiful "Welcome" for little Jakson!!