Saturday, August 30, 2008

In The Land of Milk...

On Friday Tiffany and I went to Kroger for groceries. I was pretty much in HEAVEN! It seemed that all dairy products were on sale.

Gallon of Milk $4.29 $1.50
Block of Cheese $2.99 3 for $5
Cream Cheese $1.09 56 cents

Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip was also on sale this week...

While my Lactose intolerant roommate was not able to fully enjoy my find, she was kind enough to be excited for me. China pengyous I thought of you and will continue to do so every time I swig a glass of great milk.


  1. I was excited for you and still am! Enjoy all that Lactose, and just think, you'll never have to worry about your roomie stealing your milk! :)

  2. yea for milk!!! glad to see that you're enjoying it to the fullest. hey, less than a month to international milk day!!! :)