Monday, August 11, 2008

Cincinnati Trip

Last Wednesday Amy and I got in the Kia and headed to Cincinnati. We spent the evening catching up with Brad and walking around Newport. Of course, we spent a few hours watching Project Runway (season 4) which Mrs. Ellis' graciously TIVOed for us. It was so nice to be together again!
On Thursday, we ate Skyline Chili, watched some more PR, and then met up with Danielle and family for La Rosa's pizza. Talk about some good eating! After pizza, we "kids" headed downtown to catch the Reds/Astros game. The Reds have a super nice stadium and we were thankful for the more eventful ending. (Reds did not score the first 7 innings!) Wrapped up the night by watching some more PR.

Friday, we picked up the famous Grandpa Willis Turner and went back downtown to the Freedom Center. The Freedom Center was amazing! We learned a lot about the Underground Railroad. Mr. Turner was so nice to also provide a nice history of Cincinnati and his life too. That will forever be a good memory. After several hours, we were finally kicked out because of closing time. We did not even catch the present day Freedom side. Guess next trip back...

The Olympics party took over most of Friday night. We did stay up so we could finish PR. Strong.
On Saturday we grabbed Skyline again before yet another goodbye. I hate those.
The Ellis family were such great hosts and I am so thankful to spend some more quality time with my "other family" (Amy and Brad).

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