Saturday, August 9, 2008


8/8/08... In a couple of years many Americans may not remember the significance of this date. However, any China expat will be able to tell you exact what took place and where they were.
Over the past two years many people asked "Will you go to the Olympics?" and many look disappointed or "lectured" to me about not going. Truth... you could not pay me to go to the Olympics. (Mao bless China!) I got to see track and field events in the Birds Nest. I got to see the Torch run though Yichang. I wear a Beijing 08 shirt with pride. I will cheer loudly for Liu Xiang and the female hammer thrower whose name I cannot remember. However, I watched the opening ceremonies sitting in a big comfy chair with a great view of everything from a house in Cincinnati.
On Wednesday, Amy and I drove up to Ohio to spend some quality time with Brad. (More on that later...) We celebrated 8/8/08 by going to eat American Chinese food (yum Crab Rangoon!) and watching the ceremonies at Brad's house. Danielle from Wuhan also came over with a fabtabulous Olympic Rings cake. We donned our shirts, cheered for countries with few athletes, tried to determine where countries were, poked fun of a famous spectator who checked his watch, and watched with awe as the Chinese performed some great sights. All in all the perfect evening of American/Chinese/World pride. :)


  1. I'm with ya, girl! After living in China for 5 years, I know what a madhouse it has to be at this time--I am happy watching from the privacy of my smell-good, spacious, cool, quiet home...


  2. Been thinking of you non-stop, while enjoying the Olympics. I'm happy you could share the opening with such special people. I miss YOU, & wish you could come down sometime soon!! I've been devouring all the info on China, their customs, beliefs, sights, etc, feeling closer to some of your experiences & thankful you could learn so much first hand. Much Love, Mom