Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meet Firefly

I have always dreamed of traveling from place to place in a camper, picking up work along the way, and writing a book about my experiences. (Cliche maybe, but it is a dream of mine.) However, the dream has gotten one step closer this spring break...

Meet my Firefly...

She is a 71 Fan camper with huge potential. (Yes, I mean potential as in needs some work, but not so much that I have to put quotations around potential like when parents use the word. ex- "You are not living up to your full "potential"" aka- get a job.)

I have named her "Firefly" because she puts a smile on my face and a gleam in my eye like the first signs of firefly season. Plus, she is sweet, fun, and hopefully will flutter from place to place.

Family members may stop freaking out now. I have no intentions of quitting my wonderful teaching job  to go meandering around the US in my new beauty while I write and not live up to my "potential". However, I hope that we can make at least one adventure in her.

J and I plan on putting some TLC in Firefly and then selling her for a profit. (That is unless I can talk him into keeping Firefly just for fun.)

Won't she look great with the Vespa and Linus the bike at the beach?!?!?!

We will post updates and before/after pictures so you will be able to see her achieve full potential.

So very thankful that I continue to live the dream...

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