Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Adult Saturday

Today, I...
-watched the snow spittle
-made breakfast (oj and bagel)
-ran errand for Amy
-went to Parent Teacher Store
-watched my dad coach his basketball team
-got lunch
-cleaned part of my room
-worked on an exam that is due Monday morning
-tried several times to read a book called Alternative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition (real page turner... that is if you turn the page back to what you just "read")
-got distracted with the thought of possibility of seeing my fave guilty pleasure in concert this summer
-went for pizza with roommate
-kicked myself for forgetting that Yann Martel was speaking at library today (author of Life of Pi)
-worked on taxes
-freaked out about taxes (considering I am going have to pay about double what I normally get back!)
-tried to read book again
-gave up reading book
-worked on exam some more
-completed lesson plans for Monday and Tuesday
-double checked taxes to make sure everything was correct
-worked on budget and debt snowball
-gave up all hopes of seeing guilty pleasure in concert due to lack of funds
-called boyfriend
-set up/installed printer
-wrote checks
-made list of things to do tomorrow
and hopefully soon I will go to sleep.

Whatever happened to Saturdays of cartoons, big wheels, ice cream, and books for fun?!?!

Here's to hoping that tomorrow is more fun/restful/productive in a no freak-out sort of way. :)


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