Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Oh Glory!"

On Friday night, Amy, Katie and I were able to meet our friend Mary Beth for dinner. Mary Beth was another Southern Sister in China. She was in Nashville for a church camp and was able to get away for awhile to visit.

Since MB had been eaten camp food all week, we opted for some good Southern cookin' at Monell's. Large house, large tables, family style, large bowls of fried foods and veggies = a good time. We tried a little bit of everything. Fried catfish, turnip green, pea salad, cole slaw, corn pudding, biscuits with peach preserves, butter beans, spinach lasagna, and banana pudding. A little bit of everything is actually a whole lot. We thought we behaved, but our "waddling" back to Amy's house proved otherwise. We hurt from eating so much! I now know why some men put a hand down the waistband of their pants... a sign they have eaten too well. "Oh glory!"

It was so good to see MB, but sadly I think the food stayed with me the rest of the weekend. I spent all of Saturday in the fetal position on the couch with a bad stomachache. It might have been worth it... ;)

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