Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let The Training Commence

Yesterday, Amy and I kicked off our training for the 3-Day by attending the final "Walk with the Mayor."

Nashville's mayor, Karl Dean challenged the city to walk 100 miles during the spring and summer. Each week the mayor would walk with the community at different local parks and greenways. Just another reason why I think he is a great leader...

Amy and I have not been doing the mayor's walks, but we thought the final 8 mile walk would be a great way for us to kick off our training. (Insert side punch here.) In just a little over two hours, we crossed the finish line grumbling with lessons learned. I was quite pleased with our time though considering we haven't been walking much.

Lessons We Learned
(1) We must train for 60 miles. 8 miles alone was not fun. Can't imagine 60. Training must commence ASAP.
(2) Stock up on bananas. About mile 5 we ate the best banana ever.
(3) Get better socks.
(4) Do not wear cotton t-shirts. They were stuck to us by the time we finished the walk. Our team design might have to be on wicking shirt this year.
(5) Beth must slow down or Amy must walk faster. We do not have the same stride.

Overall, I am kind of glad we started with a long walk to start training. I think it was motivating.

I will be blogging quite a bit about our training. I think it can be a way to encourage others. We are not athletes, just people who want to try something and show support for a good cause. If you want to hear of another woman who is an encouragement, check out Katie Is Going To Tri. Maybe after this we should do a triathlon... ;)

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