Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bless Turned To Bliss

Three things happened this week that I hate...

(1) DIBELS testing. 6 of us get to test 993 students on their reading fluency and comprehension. Same stories over and over. It takes about 5 minutes to test each child. I still have 6 classes to go. Bless.

(2) Faculty picture. Let's gather a bunch of teachers and staff who are ready to go home in tight quarters right after dismissal for 40 minutes. You find yourself complaining about all of those around who are complaining. Bless.

(3) School wide Fashion Show planning/rehearsals begin. Let's just say too many chiefs and 135 students participating. Worst organization. Ever. Bless.

But then something fabulous happened.

As I was stuffing 60-something bags for teacher appreciation gifts (not even gonna touch this one!), I felt the urge to stop and get chocolate (aka- I ran out of bags and had to go to store to get more). I peruse the aisles of Kroger's and somehow end up on the ice cream aisle. I decide I need some. I deserve some. Kroger's is phasing out Bryer's Mint Chocolate Chip (thank goodness I knew this ahead of time or I might have made news headlines!) so I go for Ben and Jerry's pints. But then it happened. A perfectly Zen moment. All of the yucky-ness of the week just disappeared. Kroger's, my Kroger's on Gallatin Rd. is selling Greater's Ice Cream!

::Happy Sigh::

While they did not have my favorite Black Raspberry Chip in stock, they did have the picture sticker for it. There is true hope.

I am so happy.

Thank you Kroger for bringing Cincinnati ice cream goodness into my Nashville life.

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