Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back In The Fast Lane

Life in the fast line again...

I had just moved back in with my parents before I went to NY and I ended up moving out when getting back. Thank goodness I had help moving this time! My commute from Brentwood to school took about 40 minutes. Living in Hendersonville would have taken about an hour. I now have a 10 minute commute! On my route from Brentwood, I would always pass Starbucks which was always a big temptation. I limited my mornings to twice a week. My commute now has no Starbucks. I was a little sad, but thought it might be best. However, it got better. I now pass Dunkin Donuts! (Super nice because there are only like 2 in the whole Nashville area) Good coffee and a bagel for less than my Starbucks visit... Strong.

I have officially signed up for the Country Music half marathon in April. Want to join? :)

The kiddos come back to school today. I am actually pretty excited about seeing the little monsters. Who knew I would find a job that I love so much?!?!?

Sadly, my new computer has crashed so it is visiting the Geek Squad. Hopefully I will have it back next week. Until then I am emailing from work so don't count on a quick reply.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I'm happy you had such a fun time in NY & safely made it home! It was so wonderful to be with you over the holidays! I'm also happy to hear of your new convenient living arrangement. Sounds like it will be so much easier than tripping back & forth to Hendersonville. I love you Beth! Hope you are having a good start this week at school! Love, Mom