Thursday, October 23, 2008

These Days

Talk about lack in communication. I have fallen into the black pit with blogging, emailing, conversing and phone calls. I blame it on my hectic schedule, but part of it is that I am trying to be more productive in other areas.

First off, I am loving my new job. That desire for feeling purpose is fulfilled everyday. I have 17 blessings from foreign countries. Some speak English rather well and then I have a child who is one week off the boat and speaks/understands no English whatsoever. They are precious and I look forward to our time together. If you want to see more about my classroom, I did start another blog (partially due to grad school!)... Adventures in Ms. Quarles Class Will post more on there soon.

Secondly, making some other decisions concerning living arrangements and stuff. I could write a lot more about this and will at some point. However, for now I just ask for your prayers.

Finally, Tiffany and I got to go to Preds game this week. She had told me that we would be sitting behind the bench. I did not realized though until we got to the game, we were sitting right behind on the bench. I am talking first row! The Preds lost, but we had a good time watching some good hockey, fights, and good-looking, but toothless men.

I am ready for a weekend, even though it mainly entails school work. Hopefully, we will have a pumpkin carving too.

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