Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful : Internet

I am thankful for the internet. (Thank you, Al Gore.)

Now you might be thinking what a shallow thing to say, but let me tell you how the internet has helped my life.

1. Keeping up with friends especially when I was half a world away in China.
2. How anyone majored in education before the internet is beyond me. Great lesson plans, activities, and so much knowledge out there.
3. I use the internet daily to pull recipes from... tonight was a cranberry mock/beertail and I just found a Pumpkin French Toast that will be making an appearance at the Inn.
4. Tutorial videos.... how do you think I learned to fix an egg over-easy or pin my hair in Victorian style?!?
5. I balanced my checkbook with online banking.
6. I can watch a podcast or church online when the Inn is full on Sunday mornings.
7. You get to read this post. :)

Shallow maybe, but oh-so-useful.


  1. Did you do the cocktail from A Beautiful Mess cause they just posted one and it looks DELICIOUS!

  2. Yep! Pretty good. I liked it more than J did of course. ;)