Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Is The Way We Roll: Victorian Edition

We were schooled in Victorian style this weekend. Here is what we learned...

*If looking for a costume in Louisville, go to Louise Cecil's on Floyd St.
*I am becoming a hat girl. When in Kentucky...
*A simple ribbon around the neck can be a great choker.
*Walking canes need to fit you. If not, you will have back pain later.
*Cropped fur wraps actually do keep you warm while wearing as a tour guide in mid 40's temps.
*Long john pants under lace dress also help. :)
*J learned how to wear an ascot.
*J looks very handsome in tails and a top hat.
*Black Radiance lipstick does not come off. Ever.
*I now know why there was not physical closeness when dancing in late 1800's... big hats.
*When in doubt, Google and YouTube. Speaking of, here is a wonderful tutorial on Downton Abbey Inspired Victorian Hair.

*Getting dressed up even as adults is super fun!

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