Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Victorian Weekend

Our neighborhood began developing in the 1830's and thankfully many of the old Victorian homes still stand. We have heard that it is the largest collection of Victorian homes in the country. When you walk around, it seems as though you have stepped back in time in many ways and this weekend even more so.

Taken on the staircase in our home
Saturday night was the annual Spirit Ball. The Spirit Ball is a fundraiser for the Conrad-Caldwell House Museum. The museum gives guests the chance to peek into the history of the neighborhood. While Victorian costumes appeared to be the norm, it is by no means required. The cast of the Wizard of Oz, Abe Lincoln, witches, pirates, etc. all made appearances. Attendees could have their face painted, fortunes read, bid on Silent Auction items, eat, drink, and dance. We saw many of our neighbors, met others from Louisville, and there were even people who came from as far away as Texas. We really enjoyed the evening.

If you came through Old Louisville at night, you might have noticed men in tails and women with hats parading around. It was also the weekend for the Ghost Walk. J and I acted as tour guides last night. On the tour, you were able to see some of the old homes and hear their ghost stories from actors. Nothing too scary (because you all know that I am the biggest scaredy cat in the world!). I will say that I am so grateful for the little fur wrap that I had because it was quite a chilly night for a stroll in a lace dress.

While we are still learning more about the neighborhood, I really have enjoyed all of the events and neighbors we have met. It is a thriving neighborhood with creative and social people. Our neighbors take pride in their homes and restoring Old Louisville to the grandness it once had. I am thankful to get to experience/play a small role in that.

Today it is back to modern times and work, but we had a blast stepping back in the past.
Taken at the Conrad-Caldwell House

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