Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Rules

About this time for the past several years, I have spent time planning things to do over the summer. That was when I was a teacher. That was when I had summer vacation. For the first time since kindergarten, I will not be on summer vacation. That is 24 years of summer vacation straight.

Summer was meant for fun and little indulgences. This summer will be no different for me. Here are some things I want/plan on doing between now and Labor Day. :)

1. Pick berries.
2. Make homemade ice cream to enjoy on the back porch. (I really want to use my Jeni's cookbook.)
3. Attend a concert. (Forecastle anyone???)
4. Visit a horse farm. (When in Kentucky...)
5. Stay at another B&B (Looking at Symphony Hotel in Cincinnati.)
6. Play tennis with J. (We have a court right across the street that has appealed to both of us.)
7. Picnic lunch and nap in a park.
8. Host a dinner party. (Hopefully we will have friends soon!)
9. Go antiquing.
10. Ride my new bike often. (I might add purchase a basket for bike too.)

Looking forward to summer 2012!


  1. Does J have a bike too?

  2. So fun! What a beautiful photo you, full of happiness and joy. And what beautiful hair. :)

    I am enjoying reading about your new adventures in Louisville. Way to take a big step and follow your dream.

    We've been talking about coming there for an extended weekend within the next year, so I'll keep you posted if/when we do.

  3. He does have a bike, but not a new one.