Monday, May 7, 2012

Louisville Loves

We have been in Louisville now for a little over a month and I already have some favorites. If you are ever in the neighborhood, here are some things you should try...

1. Please & Thank You... coffee shop/record shop in NuLu. Ganache latte... you will thank me. Today the soundtrack was Beastie Boys. So fitting. RIP MCA.

2. Carmicheal's Books... the way a bookstore should be. I really appreciate the staff picks and selection of books. It was a Publishers' Weekly top bookstore. Well deserved.

3. The Homemade Ice Cream &  Pie Kitchen... part ice cream shop, part bakery, part pizzeria, and part coffee shop. Where else can you eat Grape sorbet and Mediterranean pizza?!?!

4. Village 8 Theater... $2 Tuesdays and $3 Thursdays... Makes it a lot easier to talk J into going to see The Vow with me. ;)

5. The Clifton/Crescent Hill neighborhood... If we ever have to get a house of our own in this town, hopefully it will be in this neighborhood.

6. Clay & Cotton... house goods, clothing, stationery, etc. A color explosion.

7. BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company)... Raspberry Meade and a Hot Brown make for one happy Beth. (More on Hot Brown soon....)

And of course...

8. Inn at the Park B&B... where dreams come true. :)


  1. so jealous about the cheap theater! i miss my dollar theater in texas:) love you and glad you are so happy!

    -You know who

  2. I as going to suggest you go to the BBC and get the Rasberry Meade! So good! Glad you found it!