Monday, April 9, 2012

Secret Confession #4

I hate eggs.

Some of my friends are chuckling right now because they would argue that is not the case.

In all honesty, I only like my scrambled eggs and sometimes Nana's. Once I liked J's. That is all though.

I like my steaks medium rare and J makes fun of me because they are "still bleeding", but eggs are a whole different story. The thought of somebody eating a yellow yolk makes me queasy.

This morning I bound down to make breakfast and my guest requests fruit and one over easy egg. I know that I had a deer-in-headlights look. I move as fast as I can to my office to google how to make an over easy egg.

That's right, I am a breakfast "chef" and do not know how to cook eggs any other way but scrambled or boiled.

As I heat up the skillet, I just think of ways my employer is going to tell me that I am fired. This guest just happens to be a "regular" and it just takes one phone call and I am done. The photo is the results of my first egg. I can't flip the stinkin' thing. I think of ways to tell the guest his wish is not going to happen as I put the second egg in. Once again, I cannot flip it, but I do manage to cook it and fold the whites over. I breathe deep and head into the dining room.

"Sir, do you just want one egg?" (Please, let him say just one.)
"Yes. That will be fine."
"Alright. I am just warning you this is not the most beautiful egg. This is my first time." (That's what she said.I am still praying he will change his mind and request scrambled.)
"No problem."

I trudge back into the kitchen. What to do?!?!?! I put the egg on a plate and use strawberries as garnish. I scoop up the plate and head back into the dining room. I put it on the table and he chuckles.

"This looks beautiful. Normally, the whites are more spread out, but this is how it should look." (Insert Jersey Shore fist pump and crazy dancing!)

He goes on to tell him how to make an over easy egg, but says it looks great. A couple of minutes later, he exclaims it was the best egg he has had in months. While he might have been totally lying, he did help my confidence a lot. I know it is something I need to work on. (And I will be doing that tonight, seeing as he asked for the same thing tomorrow.)

Yes, I still hate eggs, but I am learning...

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  1. You totally rock!!! Before long you will have eggs down to a science. Miss seeing your face at Una, but love that your dream job is all you thought it would be! Can't wait to check out the Inn!!!