Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Morning

Slowly, but surely getting into a routine.

Each morning I wake up around 5am (even though it still feels like 4am... Eastern time is remarkably different.). I come downstairs to put coffee on and preheat the ovens. Run back upstairs to shower and finish waking up. Then, it's back downstairs to cut up fruit, mix ingredients, and bake the casseroles. This morning, it was baked pears, egg cheese puff, bacon and toast.

While everything is baking/warming up, I run in to check emails, reservations, and of course catch up on blogs. About the time, I wrap up, my first guest comes in for breakfast. While serving breakfast, we will chat about the day ahead and respective jobs and cities. After breakfast, there are rooms to tidy or turnover and then the rest of the day lies with new adventures. Yesterday's adventures included dinner at a neighborhood Italian restaurant called Amici's, slight homesickness for friends, and a unannounced group of tourists at 10pm for ghost tour. Bless.

This morning I am especially grateful for the quiet of the morning. Spending time reflecting on blessings this Good Friday. Wish you could join me for a cup of coffee and perhaps a baked pear.

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  1. So glad things are going well! I love to cook so this sounds like a very relaxing job for me! I enjoy the quiet time in the kitchen. I hope things continue to flow smoothly as you settle in. Meanwhile in Una country I have a few questions about the shoes you left me to fill. I hate to bother you with your old life while you are settling into your new life but there are just a few things that only you would know! Talk to you soon, Kaela