Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catching Up

Well, another unintentional blogging hiatus.

The end of the school year was a beast. Simply put.

J's family came to visit during the CMA Fest. We went to Beech Bend park for a day. Apparently, old age has settled in because I can no longer enjoy spinning rides which I used to love. I had a semi-traumatic water slide ride. Let's just say my derriere came off the slide before my front and there involved lots of water up the nose.

My life has been full of wedding planning. Not my own. I am learning a lot about things brides should do and things you definitely should not. The "not" might outweigh the "should".

I have finished a number of books. Nothing particularly stand out. Kitty Kelley's biography on Oprah was interesting. An East Nashville hater apparently. Boo.

J has been working outside a lot. He surprised me with hanging baskets of purple flowers on a not-so-fun day. They make me smile every time I pull up. He also hung some white lights in the backyard. Super fun. I cannot wait to have a backyard party with friends!

Awesome Amy turned 28 yesterday. We had a ghetto dance party. Classy.

Today, we lunched with my family in honor of my daddy. I think he is a keeper. Happy Father's Day!

Pictures to come soon...

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