Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break: Atlanta

Well, if you remember I went to Atlanta with four, possibly five things in mind to do. We only managed 2. Here is quick run down.

We left Nashville at about 9:30am. Only an hour and half later than planned. :) Nice, uneventful drive to Atlanta.

Our first stop was Everybody's Pizza in the Highlands area. A fellow teacher had recommended the place and glad she did. The Highlands seemed like a bigger version of Nashville's 12 South district. While eating, we noticed that everybody seemed to be wearing clothing from the 80's. Please say it isn't so.

After eating, we headed to Sweetwater Brewery. Touring breweries is always fascinating to me. While I have toured several and still cannot tell you the exact process of brewing a beer, it is just so amazing to me how much goes into making even a bottle. Sadly, Sweetwater is not open for tours or tastings on Tuesdays.

Next stop, IKEA. It was Justin's first time. I love a good IKEA newbie! After spending 3 hours walking around (and daydreaming), I checked out buying 3 side tables, 1 coffee table, 3 hot pads, and a wine rack. I decided to get side tables and push them together to make my coffee table. (The other table was for Katie.) Justin had done really well in the beginning, but seemed quite okay with leaving after 3 hours. His reward... IKEA ice cream. I cannot express how much I stinkin' love this stuff!

When walking out of IKEA, we found it was getting dark so we decided to check in the hotel. I had used Priceline and was even more surprised to find out just how good I done! Hilton Atlanta for $45! It was right downtown and close to the aquarium and such so we could walk everywhere.

After much debating and searching for a dinner spot (nothing is open at 9:30pm!), we ended up at a place called Taps. Pretty decent. Nothing special. End of Atlanta day 1.

We got up fairly early, opting to skip breakfast so we could see more stuff. We took a nice walk to the aquarium on which I kept getting more and more excited. I really have always wanted to go there! While standing in line, we decided just to see just aquarium so we would not have to rush. World of Coke was out.

I cannot express how wonderful the aquarium was except to say that we did not get to see everything because everything we did see was that mesmerizing. So here are some pictures that cannot do it justice!

We stopped by Varsity for lunch on the way out of town. I was surprised to learn that it was a sit down diner. Passing by, I always thought is was a drive-in. Anyways, a nice Atlanta tradition for us to end our trip on.

Yea for short Spring Break trips!

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