Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Ahead

A quick jaunt to Atlanta.
Leaving 8am today.
Be back 6pm tomorrow.
4 things to do.
Sweetwater, IKEA, Aquarium, and World of Coke.
Possible CNN tour... it might be my only chance in life to see Anderson Cooper up close. Like 2% chance he would be at Atlanta center. Cross your fingers.
Since I could not find a couchsurfing host (grr Atlanta!), I used Priceline for hotel. While I got to put in the amount I wanted to spend and pick star rating and area, it was still a little nerve-wrecking not knowing what hotel I would truly get. (You pay up front.) With my result online, I am more than pleased. 63% off normal cost. (I did the math myself to check.) Guess I will see if it truly was that great this evening.
So ready for a break. So. Ready. Break.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds fun, Beth! Hope you enjoy Atlanta! Love you!