Friday, April 12, 2013

Where I Come From

The last few weeks have been busy writing papers for grad school and lesson plans for 1st grade. (I should be writing a paper right now. Sheesh.) However, we did get a little chance to take a break from the academic writing to write a little "I Am" poetry that stemmed from a book we read in class. Thought I would share mine...

I am from the South where we draw out our words, sip on sweet tea, pretend everything is alright, and show hospitality.
I am from a broken family with many parents, many siblings, and many lessons learned.
I am from a childhood that felt like raging seas, but was anchored by a God that pursued me.
I am from hopes, dreams, and the desire to rise above.
I am from an education that showed me what servant leadership is and that numbers do not matter.
I am from a country that is consumed by materialism, but surrounded by a people that are called to something different.
I am from heartbreak, love, quirkiness, and old-souls.
I am from a place that is a home-not a building, but a life.
Where I am from helps define me, but does not constrain me.
I am going places.

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  1. I love this Beth!! This is so beautiful, and so very you.