Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little Love

Here are some things, I am really loving right now...  Hilarious!

Bela Fleck went caroling in my neighborhood Saturday night. Yeah, that just happened. Sadly, he did not stop by my house, but I know it was just a slight oversight on his part. ;)

Michael Buble had permission to come swing by my house anytime to serenade me. You need to check out his Christmas album.

The tv show New Girl... Where have I have been?!!?!

I love the fact that I ran into my friend Amanda at Fidos and McKays on the same day and totally unplanned. (Then another planned Fidos trip that night.) That pretty much sums up why we are friends.

My super sweet love J who is currently getting me soup because I feel like poop.

Until next time...

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